Men's Locker Room Layout

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Update 9-21-18

LL-Large Lockers: 42"Tall/15"Wide
MD-Medium Lockers: 28"Tall/15"Wide
SM- Small Lockers: -TBD-
A-D: Top to Bottom Lockers

Locker Release Announcement
As we approach the completion of the clubhouse renovation, the Board of Governors would like to announce the process for reserving your locker. Depending on demand, there is a possibility that not all male members will have a locker space available for their use. In order for this process to be conducted effectively and efficiently, the Board of Governors has adopted the following procedures. The initial release outlined below is for the Men’s Locker Room only. There is no shortage of ladies’ lockers and the release of ladies’ lockers will start on October 15th and will be offered based on tenure at the Club. Some important facts about the new locker program are noted below.
  • Lockers will no longer be mandatory
  • Locker release Start Date is September 4, 2018
  • Actual locker structures are available for viewing in the card/lounge trailer
  • Lockers will be assigned in phases by tenure at the Club
  • Ladies’ lockers will all be 1/2 high which is much larger than previously offered
  • Men’s lockers will be offered in three sizes: large, medium and small
  • Pricing: large lockers $200, medium lockers $150, small lockers $125
All Full Golf Members will be offered a locker selection based on tenure. Lockers available after Full Golf Member selection will be offered to Junior Members. Members who were Junior Members and then converted to Full Golf, their anniversary date is the date they converted to Full Member Status. Each phase will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Members will be notified by email, phone, and text the dates when they can make their locker selection. We encourage members to check their emails regularly for updates and announcements. (Note: Emails may be found in your junk mail folder). If you have not received your assigned selection dates by September 3rd, please contact us at 561.478.0001.

The first phase will start on Tuesday, September 4th. The first offering will consist of Full Golf Members who joined Bear Lakes CC on or before January 4, 2005. This first group of 120 members will have through Tuesday, September 11th to make their selections.

The second phase of locker assignments will consist of the next 120 Full Golf Members by tenure. This group will have from Thursday, September 13th through Thursday, September 20th to make their selections.

The third phase of locker assignments also consisting of Full Golf Members by tenure will start Monday, September 24th and run through Monday, October 1st.

The fourth phase will begin on Wednesday, October 3rd for all remaining Full Golf Members followed by Junior Members by tenure.

The New Clubhouse Locker Assignment Period will end at 
5PM on October 10th. At this time the Board of Governors will decide how to move forward with the Men’s Locker inventory that remains.
Members who miss their assigned sign-up period and then decide to request a locker will not be allowed to re-enter the selection process. There will be a first come, first serve wait list to accommodate these members. The wait list will be opened for locker selection on October 11th, the day after the assigned locker selection periods ends.

There will be Men’s and Ladies’ locker room layouts posted in the card/lounge trailer, the Pro Shop, the administration trailer and online. The layouts of the Men’s and Ladies’ Locker Rooms will show each locker with the assigned number. Only the online diagram and the diagram in the administration trailer will be updated daily at 5pm to show members which lockers are still available.

During the release periods, Members can make their locker selection online by emailing their first three locker choices in order of preference to Morgan Stuive at morgan.stuive@bearlakes.orgMembers will then receive a confirmation email with their locker assignment.

The Club will also host “Locker Days” from 9am-2pm each day during the four offering periods to show locker room layouts, actual locker sizes, and for members to come in and make their choices in person. Please call either Morgan or Jeanne for an appointment at 561-478-0001.

The Board understands how important locker assignments are to our Membership and wants to accommodate as many Members’ requests as we can. Your cooperation and timely response during this process are greatly appreciated.