Locker Update: 10-19-18



Ladies’ Locker Release Announcement
As we approach the completion of the Clubhouse renovation, the Board of Governors would like to announce the process for reserving your locker.

In order for this process to be conducted effectively and efficiently the Ladies’ Locker release will begin Monday, October 15th at 9:00 am through Monday, October 22nd. During this time, Members may email, call, or come by the Administration Trailer to select their locker. Some important facts about the new locker program are noted below.
  • Lockers will no longer be mandatory.
  • Locker release Start Date is October 15th  .
  • Actual locker structures are available for viewing in the Administration Building.
  • Ladies’ Lockers are ½ high which is much larger than previously offered.
  • Pricing for Ladies Lockers: $200 annually.
  • The locker program is based on first come first serve basis.
The Ladies’ Locker Room Layout will be posted online and in the administration trailer. The layouts of the Ladies’ Locker Room will show each locker with an assigned number. The online diagram will be updated daily at 5 pm each day to show members which lockers are still available.

Members may email their top three preferred locker selection to Morgan Stuive at Members will then receive a confirmation email with their locker assignment.

The Board and Administration understand how important locker assignments are to our Membership and want to accommodate as many Members’ requests as we can. Your cooperation and timely response during this process are greatly appreciated.

Men's Locker Layout

Update 10-9-18
Click Diagram Below to Expand Full View
LL-Large Lockers: 42"Tall/15"Wide
MD-Medium Lockers: 28"Tall/15"Wide
SM- Small Lockers: -TBD-
A-D: Top to Bottom Lockers